B139 Mulberry - Jovan Tsaous

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Tabura-bouzouki with 7 strings made from mulberry based on a Jovan Tsaous original bouzouki with the following specifications:

  • Speaker wood: mulberry
  • Rosetete ornaments made by mulberry
  • Figure (tonewood decoration) : inlay around the sound holes
  • Fretboard from ebony with wooden marks and wooden contour
  • Tuning machines: wooden - ebony 
  • neck made form 3 pieces of wood: mulberry, ebony (optional carbon fiber rod reinforcement)
  • speaker staves: 22
  • speaker size: medium

Sound Combination:

  Tonewood A Original

  Speaker A Original


Woods sound combination
Speaker wood A
Top wood A
Number of staves 22
Speaker size Small
wood Spruce
Borders YES - double wooden border
Fretboard scale 67cm
Fretboard wood Ebony
Signs material Wood - maple
Tuning machines Wooden