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Speaker molds

Speaker molds

Wooden speaker molds in order to make your on speaker for bouzouki, lute, tzoura, baglama, misobouzouki and more musical instruments.

We make 2 different types of molds:

  • Puzzle type molds that are made of 4mm - 9mm plywood cutted in laser 
  • solid wood molds (traditional heavy weight molds)


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Baglama mold

29.24€ Ex Tax: 23.58€

Tzoura mold

56.44€ Ex Tax: 45.52€

Baglama solid mold

60.76€ Ex Tax: 49.00€

Small baglama solid mold

62.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€

8 strings bouzouki mold

make your own tetrahordo bouzouki speaker

95.77€ Ex Tax: 77.23€

Lute mold

make your own lute speaker

176.41€ Ex Tax: 142.27€