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Tou diavolou ta lihnaria (the devil's oil lamps) is the third Isidoros Papadamou personal album and the first of his own productions. It is the first family production "out of cd stores" {nomultithumb}

The first completely family made production from Isidoros Papadamou from the music company " se diskadika den benoun oute kerdi ta marenoun RECORDS" (far away from CD stores and profits). The album has been recorded by Isidoros Papadamou and his family and the recorded instruments are his! This album was completely free delivered to people that are thirsty for original Greek music. You can download the songs and the covers by clicking the links that follow (or right click > "Save link as").

1) Tha paikso to bouzouki mou varia
2) Poniri gineka
3) Malose me
4) Ein i kardia mou olo poulia
5) O paras
6) Giati kale
7) Stou kosmou to topio to gimno
8) Sirto
9) Den sou fthanan i erotes
10) Kale mikri
11) O apokardiomenos
12) Ti sou simveni
13) Ta thimarisia fila
14) Apo to minore sto matzore
15) Pes kai ti egine
16) Ti exei kai paraponiete