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The most recent music album from Isidoros Papadamou and his family! Released at 15/3/2008 by the company "Se diskadika den mpenoun oute kerdi ta marenoun records" ( albums far from music stores and faraway from profits). The album is distributed in CDs by the Papadamou family on it's production cost. (2007 production).

If you are interested on having this album please contuct us by email or phone!

You can download the music for free by clicking on the name of each song.

1. Is' i agapi moυ
2. Kithara pou omorfenis ti vradia
3. Sentoukiasmeni flori
4. Stis magemenis zois mas ta vimata
5. Irak
6. Nees apantisis
7. Agapimeno trihordo
8. Ti sou ho fteksi kira
9. I varivameni
10. Gematos travmata
11. I romantza tou Andrea
12. I fili
13. Ime o Ellinas
14. Tou pathous t agigma
15. Pos den varethikes kardia
16. O alithinos ihos
17. I ektimites
18. Ta ergalia

You can download the
covers by clicking here.